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What People Are Saying...

“I have been so excited about this GAP Chapter!  It is such an important message/tool and I finally feel like I am contributing to the support of our children in today’s society.  So many times I have felt helpless to help, but this GAP program has finally helped me feel like I can do something.”
- GAP Chapter Participant

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“I’m very thankful for the class because my kids were beginning to be at an age where they are asking tough questions and the lessons at GAP were incredibly helpful to my understanding of how to approach them.”
- GAP Chapter Participant

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“My own personal and spiritual life are so changed since becoming an Ambassador for Christ with GAP." 

- GAP Parent Ambassador

“We found that facilitating the chapter and teaching the material was so beneficial to us, because when you take the time to learn it well enough to share it with a group, you really begin to learn and digest the information.”
-GAP Parent Ambassador


"The knowledge I gained through this book (Keeping Your Kids on God's Side) gave me confidence because I now have an idea of how to answer worldview questions."

-GAP Chapter Participant

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