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Become a GAP Parent Ambassador!

If you're passionate about apologetics like we are, you know how important it is for the next generation to be trained with this knowledge. And you also know how much that depends on what the parents, grandparents, and other spiritual influencers do in the lives of those kids. Unfortunately (and we're preaching to the choir here), most Christian adults don't have the knowledge themselves to pass on to the kids around them. 

That's what GAP wants to change, and with the help of people like YOU, we WILL.

If you haven't already learned how GAP works, take a minute to read about it here

Now that you have the big picture, here's more detail on the responsibilities of a Parent Ambassador (PA):


  • Identify the platform you desire to host your chapter through - a church, school, your home, or online. Complete the PA Interest form (at the bottom of this page) and someone from GAP will be in touch with next steps. 

  • Once you are approved as a Parent Ambassador, you will be provided an introduction letter that explains GAP to church or school leaders. Once you have officially registered your GAP chapter, you'll be provided the "PA Toolkit" with all the necessary components to launch a successful chapter. 

  • Promote and coordinate a GAP kickoff event. This is a 45-minute presentation you will give that introduces parents to the need for apologetics and how GAP will help equip them with the knowledge they need. Both the presentation and promotional materials (social media images and flyers) are provided to PAs as part of the "PA Toolkit".


  • Lead a 10- or 12-week study (your choice) of Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side with those who join the GAP chapter after the kickoff event. A leader’s guide is provided. This can be completed in either the Fall or Winter/Spring, depending on your desired start date.


  • Lead a follow up study of Talking with Your Kids about God. If your chapter completed the first study in the Fall, this would be done in the Winter/Spring. If you started in the Winter/Spring, this would be done in the Fall.


  • Work with your GAP chapter to identify the next resources desired for study. A recommended resource list will be provided to PAs. 


Please know that expertise in apologetics is NOT a requirement. A PA is simply a person with a passion for sharing the importance of apologetics and who holds at least a basic grasp of the study materials so they can facilitate good discussion. PAs have access to a private Facebook group managed by the GAP board for ongoing support and direction. You are not on your own. The beauty of GAP is that we are standardizing everything you need! You just deliver—roll it out to your chapter.


Here are some frequently asked questions (and answers!) about becoming a PA:

What type of time commitment is required?

We ask that PAs commit to at least one year of leading a chapter. This allows for successful roll out and two studies to be completed.  

A weekly time commitment of 2-3 hours includes tasks such as securing a host platform, promoting and preparing for your chapter kickoff, and facilitating the weekly group.


Can I share PA responsibilities with someone else?  

Absolutely! We'll just need a PA interest form from both of you (interest form is at the end of this page). Please note on your form the desire to work together.


Do I need to make my own promotional materials (flyers, social media images, etc.)?

Nope! We've got you covered. GAP will provide you with a PA toolkit that includes templates for promotional materials you can customize for your specific chapter.


Is there a leader's guide for the GAP studies?

We provide a leader's guide for both Keeping Your Kids on God's Side and Talking with Your Kids about God. They provide tips on facilitating your study, focus points for each chapter, and questions to aid in productive group discussion. Because each chapter decides on their next studies of interest after the first year, GAP does not provide book-specific leader guides beyond the first year's curriculum.

What costs are involved?

Host churches and schools cover any costs for use of the facilities during the kickoff event and for chapter meetings. Additionally, they would cover any costs associated with printing promotional materials. For home based and online chapters, those costs would be the responsibility of the Parent Ambassador. For individuals taking the classes, the only financial commitment is the cost of the book(s).


What if a 10- or 12-week study just doesn’t fit into our schedule?  Can we adjust to 6 or 8 weeks?

Based on our experience, the content in the first two studies realistically requires a 10- or 12-week format. We want the participants to be able to cover the material in the time allotted while allowing time for productive discussion. The leader’s guide has been developed accordingly. As an option you can divide one study into two seasons of six weeks each (for example, do the first six weeks of Keeping Your Kids on God's Side in the Fall and the second six weeks in the Winter/Spring).


How long should the chapter meetings be? 

Chapter meeting length will be determined by the PA. Most chapters find that a 1 ½ hour period works best for childcare (if providing) and to allow ample time to cover the content for the week.


Does our GAP Chapter need to have childcare provided for our meetings?

GAP does not require each chapter to provide childcare for the chapter meetings, though this can significantly improve attendance and allow for both parents to participate. It works well to align chapter meetings with kids' programs at the church or school (kids' mid-week programs, AWANA, etc.) to utilize already established childcare options.


What if my church or school isn’t interested in hosting a GAP Chapter?

If you are unable to get your intended prospective church or school on board to be a host for a local GAP Chapter, we encourage you to partner with someone at another local church or school and present the GAP ministry and opportunity to their leaders. Other options would be to host a chapter out of your home, or look to host a chapter online!

Ready to go? To learn more, fill out the interest form below! 


Please fill out the form below to indicate your interest in becoming a PA. A GAP board member will be in touch within one week. Thank you for your interest!

Why are you interested in becoming a Parent Ambassador?

After reading through the responsibilities of a Parent Ambassador, please share how you feel equipped to meet these requirements.  If you have any concerns about your ability to be a Parent Ambassador, please share those as well. 

Have you already read the first two GAP study books, Keeping Your Kids on God's Side and Talking with Your Kids about God? If not, please share about your willingness to do so.  

What platform do you plan to use for a GAP chapter (home, school, church, or online)? What is the name of the church or school you would approach to host a GAP chapter if that is your desired platform and please share what your relationship with that church or school is. Please include any relevant information on your involvement, such as length of membership, other areas in which you serve, present/past apologetics events/training at the church or school, and perceived interest from members, parents, and/or church/school leadership.  

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