Our Team

Board President

Janel Greig

Board President

Janel resides in the Pacific Northwest with her family where they enjoy hiking in the beautiful mountains of the region or escaping the city for the calm of the Pacific Ocean. 
As a parent, Janel recognizes the importance of nurturing a passion for God's Word and truths in her own heart so it can be passed on to her children.  
As president of the Board, Janel has a passion to equip parents so that they can in turn, be a disciple for their children and stand up for God’s truth with carefully thought out answers. 

Kim Miller

parent ambassador


Kim is a mother of five and wife to a bank executive/farmer. She learned the art of apologetics during her kids’ early years and her greatest joy comes from long conversations about life and God with each of her kids.  Kim pulls her experience and passion from teaching apologetics at her local church and high school to serve as our PA Director. 

Kim supports Parent Ambassadors during the beginning of their journey with GAP. 

She resides in Arizona where she enjoys hiking, weight-lifting, reading and leading a political group for women.

Dennis Hess

director of 

chapter establishment

Dennis lives with his wife in the great state of Ohio and enjoys woodcarving and apologetics.
His passion for equipping the next generation is fully embraced through his 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. After spending time working with college aged students at a local university, Dennis recognized the need to start equipping children early with grounded beliefs.

Dennis is passionate about sharing GAP with others and growing the ministry through his role of Director of Chapter Establishment where he oversees and supports Parent Ambassadors as they roll out GAP chapters around the world. 

Elizabeth Thomas

director of

Elizabeth shares her gifts and talents with the GAP ministry as our Director of Promotion.

She keeps busy herding and homeschooling her three boys on a farm in Kentucky’s bluegrass region.

Elizabeth is a portrait photographer and a Classical Conversations Challenge Director, where she facilitates weekly worldview discussions with homeschool teenagers.  

Elizabeth has a passion for apologetics and desires to continually engage her boys in conversations to be better equipped to engage with a skeptical culture. 

In her free time, she enjoys reading (always an apologetics book on hand) and road trips.


Leah Adams

director of
chapter Development

Leah has a passion for relationships with people and is the direct support for Parent Ambassadors who have established chapters and are in the second season of study and beyond.  Apologetics has provided a deep understanding for Leah of why she believes what she believes and has given her a desire to help others equip children with this foundation.
Leah resides in the state of Texas with her beloved Dachshunds and near her extended family.

She enjoys birdwatching, music and reading. 

Natasha Crain

strategic director

Natasha is a speaker, blogger, author, and podcaster with a passion for equipping parents to raise kids with confident faith in a secular world.

She has an MBA from UCLA and a certificate in Christian apologetics from Biola University.

Natasha homeschools her three kids and lives in southern California.

She loves reading (non-fiction only!), camping, and mountains.